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Dora with her daughter Nikki

Welcome to my Web Site. I love this great breed of cattle! Try being an owner and breeder of them and you will too... For most of us 2016 was a good year - one of my best for sales, purchases and watching beautiful cows laying around eating and sleeping and colorful calves playing.

In addition to Rip saw (85-3/8" TTT) who I now own 100% and love, I have partnered on the unique MMW Gorilla bull (77" +TTT) with Neil and Deb Glasgow and Vance Farner and Laurie McEIroy. I've also partnered with Vance and Laurie on a very striking bull named Gun Lee Zee (now 84-1/2" TTT) @ 4 yrs., 8 Mo. and with Ron and Kevin Asbill on the gorgeous young brindle, black and white 585 Greased Lightning. I'm using the Big Wig Son, BW Renegade, also black, brindle and white full time now. I bought LL Crown Moonshine, an RC Bootlegger son out of LL Aphrodite who is kind of a dun brindle and is nearing 80" TTT at barely 3 yrs. Actually I am using 4 brindle bulls and two very speckled ones with the hope of getting a lot of color. Color seems to be running a close second to Horn now.

My daughter, Nikki Gambrell is helping me whenever she has time and I have a good cow hand as primary ranch help. Lots of good heifers and bull prospects are offered for sale and I've had people tell me my prices are competitive and especially for the quality. The ranch is just below Shreveport and about 20 miles from the East Texas line in NW Louisiana. If you get a chance, come visit! l love to show my cows! l have 8 herds and over 300 head including calves so there is a lot of variety of blood lines and prices to look at. My bulls are very high quality and I breed for bloodlines, horn and color.

Also, keep in mind that ALL of my cattle are NOT on my web site. I have a LOT of cattle and just don't have time to put them all on. If you visit in person you will see a lot of quality cattle that are not on my site.


All Sand Hills Ranch heifers and herd sires are Millennium Futurity Eligible.